Mar 22

The Project Mahout

How do you get an elephant from A to B?
There are four ways: You can

  • Push it,
  • Pull it,
  • Pick it up and carry it, or
  • You can climb up onto the elephants back and whisper in its ear “There is a bun in that direction.”

In change management, the subject has got to see the benefit of the change. If change is being imposed then you have to carry the elephant.
And for programme management and international project management, you have a herd of elephants.
This will take:

  • A whole tray of Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Good knowledge of the individual tastes of each elephant.
  • You also want to pick the right elephant to ride – and lead the herd.

This blog is the bastard lovechild of reading the “Lazy Project Manager” while watching “Passage to India”!

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