Jul 28

Risky Business

Here’s a great white paper on project risk assessment in the context of corporate risk appetite.


Unfortunately it doesn’t extend onto management of project risks.

The Office Of Government Commerce also has some really useful risk potential assessment tools and techniques . They even have the spreadsheets set up to save you the math!

It just a shame that too many UK public projects don’t stick to these principles. It is a major victory for common sense, the UK tax payer and for students of project management that Gateway Reviews are now published under Freedom of Information.

Whatever your views are on Prince2 there can be no doubt that its approach to project risk management is a sound framework. It will be interesting to see how the new guidance for Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2009, aimed at project executives and sponsors, will clarify the project directors vital role in risk management.

How long will it be before this guidance has an impact on the Gateway Reviews?

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