May 09

Gagging for IT

I can’t comment on what someone who can’t be said to be a banker was up to when the Crunch hit. The buzz when Twitter user @injunctionsuper spilled the beans was mainly around the celebrities named.

@Ruskin147 – Rather weird that Twitter has been alive with super-injunction details for weeks – but one new account with inaccurate reports is news

@DorothyKing – If we’re not “allowed” to know who has a #superinjunction how do we know who not to discuss? Goldsmith? Ryan Giggs? Fred Goodwin? Branson?

@TheSpacePope – Anyone think @injunctionsuper got one wrong deliberately to allow trad media to be able to report the story? #superinjunction

However less was said about the conduct of those at the helm of an industry whose collapse cost the UK taxpayer £1trillion – perhaps because they have deeper pockets. But even if you get a “Contra Mundi” super-injunction it can’t redact the internet rumours altogether.

But I can’t say anything.

Except to point out that sometimes even recent history repeats itself:


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