Mar 04

Anything is better than what we have..

When building a business case for a project it is all too easy to go for your first option.
OK, you haven’t said its a “no brainer” and got the differences in cost, and the shiney benefits.

But with some thought you can justify anything.

But have you included the full costs, and factored in all the risks, in particular the implementation risks. Would a five percent increase in the development costs, or a three month delay to implementation, wipe out the benefits?

More importantly have you looked at all the options?

  • An hour brainstorming with colleagues will come up with some different approaches.
  • 30 minutes googling will get you a list of alternative suppliers.
  • Two weeks for a proper Request for Proposal will be worth the investment in most cases. Get the full list of your business requirements and then put weighting on each.
  • Don’t just look at improving the efficiency of your current business processes. Option B may offer business transformation opportunities or a new sales model.

USwitch is a price comparison website for utilities, credit cards insurance, phones. And of course it will always find a lower priced supplier. But is it the best for your particular case ? – not the option that pays them the highest commission. When picking a phone supplier it will give you the cheapest local call rates or low cost inclusive minutes. But will you use all the inclusive minutes? And what if you make regular calls to your aunt in Australia?

Obvious? Just do the same for your business case.

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